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Planning Advice 

Scarcely a week goes by without being asked for help and advice about planning permissions. If you would like to know what is going on in relation to a particular property, then the place to start is the Bedford Borough Council Planning Department website. Click on the link below and you can enter the details of the property concerned and view documents relating to the case. If you are concerned about an application then contact your Borough Councillor Charles Royden who can obtain the latest information. Cllr Wendy Rider is a member of the planning committee and therefore has to remain impartial. 

Every planning application in Brickhill is looked at by the Brickhill Parish Council who can object and bring the application before councillors at the Bedford Borough Council Planning Committee. As a Borough Councillor in Brickhill, Charles Royden can also 'call in' a decision and thereby ensure that the application is heard in public and residents have an opportunity for their views to heard. Click on the link below to view all new and existing planning applications. There is the facility to submit your comments on the planning applications to the Case Officer by email. 

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