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Brickhill Liberal Democrats
Pylons in Brickhill
Pylons in Brickhill
Liberal Democrats in Brickhill have opposed the presence of pylons in such close proximity to homes. Pylons are bad for different reasons - 
  • They are perceived as a potential health risk
  • They reduce the value of homes 
  • They attract birds and associated fouling of gardens
  • Ice forming on power lines is a hazard when it falls 
  • The noise from the power lines is unpleasant

Cllr Charles Royden led a successful campaign to have power lines and pylons removed across Brickhill, removing a whole line of them. Brickhill Liberal Democrats will continue to fight for their removal. 

Homeowners encouraged to seek compensation 
We were successful in having one line removed, but we must continue to exert pressure for the remaining line to be either diverted or placed underground. These pylons are not well liked, and many people refuse to buy properties which are in proximity to pylons. The health affects are contested, however there are other issues, bird droppings, noise in wet weather, ice forming into large pieces dropping onto houses etc. 

The electric line that crosses many properties was built many years ago, before houses in Brickhill were constructed. The company who built the electric line agreed a short-term right to put the line over the land and agreed to pay annual rentals for that right. When the land was sold for building, the Act of Parliament allowed them to keep the electric line in place, but they had an obligation to pay for the rights granted by the Act. EDF Energy (EPN plc) have never sought to negotiate fresh rights for the electric line outside of the provision of the Act, and it would appear that they have not made any payments for the electric lines crossing many properties. The Electricity Act 1989 places an obligation on EDF Energy (EPN plc) to pay “compensation” for the right to keep the electric line over your property and that has to be assessed by reference to the reduction in value of the property caused by the electric lines. Any payment made by EDF Energy (EPN plc) will be subject to them receiving legal rights to keep the electric line in place. The owner of a property can grant a permanent easement (that is, a permanent right for the electric line to remain in place) or, alternatively, EDF Energy (EPN plc) can ask the Secretary of State at the Department of Trade and Industry to grant them a Necessary Wayleave which will give them the right to keep the line in place for a minimum period of 15 years. You may qualify for compensation. 

It is possible to do progress this claim by engaging an agent on a success related fee, that is, if you do not obtain any compensation you will pay nothing. You will usually pay 5% (plus VAT) of the money received as a contribution towards costs and this is recovered direct from EDF Energy (EPN plc). You may contact Colin Gell, Seraph Surveying Services. 910 Woodborough Road, Mapperley Tel (0115) 962 2888 Nottingham Fax (0115) 953 3066. NG3 5QR E-mail seraph@innotts.co.uk or another suitable agent.
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