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Working all year round
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trees and high hedges

Tree planted in Tyne Crescent
Trees and High Hedges

Liberal Democrats are working to plant more trees and address the problem of unsightly, overgrown bushes and trees across the Borough. Mayor Dave Hodgson has increased the amount of funding for our tree maintenance from £1 to over £10 per tree ! We have received many requests from residents to have trees replaced around Brickhill which have been vandalised or died. We are extremely concerned to see the replacement of damaged trees and also increased planting of news trees across Brickhill. 

Borough Councilllors Wendy Rider and Charles Royden have allocated thousands of pounds from their ward funds towards the planting of trees in Brickhill.

Tackling High Hedges

What can I do about a high hedge?

My neighbour's hedge blocks all the light in my garden 

These are the sorts of questions which we are frequently asked. many people want to know what can be done about high hedges planted in a neighbours garden. Sometimes these dobecome high and intrusive. The attached leaflets are a useful guide to what can be done, from talking to your neighbour to asking the Council to take formal action to have the hedges reduced in height. 

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