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Waste and Recycling Collection in Brickhill 

Extra Orange Bags
We are working hard to increase recycling rates across Bedford Borough and Mayor Dave Hodgson has introduced free rolls of extra orange bags which  can be collected from the Brickhill Parish Council office - or contact us and we will be pleased to drop some round to you.

The waste and recycling guide can be downloaded from our website by clicking here 

More Information from Bedford Borough Council can be found here 

The household waste collection service consists of 3 bins; an orange lidded bin for 'dry' recycling, a green lidded bin for garden waste and a black bin for anything that cannot be recycled or composted. Sacks are also available for recycling and garden waste for properties that do not have space for a bin.

Your bins and/or sacks should be left at the edge of your property by 7am on your collection day and brought back on to your property as soon as possible after collection. Please do not leave your bins out for more than 24 hours after your collection. Only council issued containers will be emptied.

Orange Lid Recycling Bin 

This is a fortnightly kerbside collection service that allows you to send your waste for recycling. 
Paper, Cardboard and Cartons
Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, envelopes (including window envelopes), cereal boxes, corrugated card, greeting cards, food and drink cartons (Tetra Paks), ready meal boxes, cardboard packaging
Plastic Food Packaging
Plastic food containers, plastic packaging, carrier bags, plastic bottles (including bottle tops), yoghurt pots + lids, margarine tubs + lids, meat trays, fruit punnets, plastic food wrapping, plastic film, plastic packets and wrappers

Metal Packaging
Food tins, drinks cans, aluminium foil and trays, empty aerosols

Green Garden Waste
Grass cutting, plants and weeds, flowers, prunings, hedge clippings, leaves and bark, vase plants, pond plants

Black Bin 
Please place any waste that cannot be recycled in the black bin.
This is a fortnightly kerbside collection service. Material placed in the black bin will go to a Mechanical Biological Treatment facility. Householders are issued with a wheeled bin as standard. Where a property cannot accommodate a wheeled bin an officer will visit and agree a suitable collection method. 
The Council will not collect any side waste placed out alongside the black bin.

Battery Collection
Residents participating in the kerbside battery collection scheme should place full battery bags on top of the black bin on their normal day of collection. All batteries collected through this scheme will be sent for recycling.

Additional Bags 
The council provides recycling containers, it also provides additional orange bags for extra capacity free of charge. For those producing more recycling there is also the ability to purchase additional containers. 

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